About MTJ

“If you love your son, let him travel.” – Japanese proverb.

We travel. We explore. We learn about the world in person, as this is something that cannot be achieved simply through reading newspapers or surfing the Internet.

The world around us is constantly changing; technology, the environment and people’s ways of thinking are evolving at an unexpected rate. In this ever-changing world, travel is more important than ever before, as it enriches our knowledge, inspires our senses and brings different cultures and environments closer to us. Perhaps most importantly it rejuvenates us, as it encourages us to embrace life with a newfound joy.


We at MTJ are The Japan Specialists, and we seek to improve the quality and content of the services provided to travelers who wish to explore Japan. Our organization is primarily made up of foreigners living and working in Japan, and we have all spent an extensive amount of time experiencing and discovering the charm of this incredible country. We are based in Tokyo, one of the biggest and most influential cities in the world. Our team is made up of people from a diverse set of backgrounds who have a wide range of experiences, interests and viewpoints regarding Japan. Our diversity and combined experiences have allowed us to develop a team which is able to assist regarding all aspects of travel within Japan, and we are constantly bringing fresh ideas, perspectives and viewpoints to our organization.

Our current team is fluent in English, Italian, Japanese and Chinese. We are always happy to welcome ambitious new team members from all backgrounds. If you are interested in a career with us, please check our page, “WORK WITH MTJ”.

Do you have unanswered questions or concerns regarding travel within Japan? We are happy to help.

As a highly experienced travel agency originally specializing in the Italian and European markets, we are now offering our services to English-speaking agencies and travellers. Together with our partners and collaborators, MTJ aims to act as your gateway to Japan. We are keen to assist clients in discovering the essence of Japan, a country made up of both the avant-garde and deeply rooted tradition. We are eager to guide you in your once in a lifetime experience in this amazing and unique country.