About MTJ

Mariateresa Agusto, Italian-born and now living in Japan, created and built MTJ in 2009 from the ground up. She arrived by chance in Japan in 1989 and fell in love with the country. Many annual trips followed for personal interest. She won a year-long scholarship from the European Union aimed at creating “experts” in Japan and moved to Japan.

From there, Mariateresa started to create and launch tours to associations interested in Japan, preparing itineraries, booking hotels, and accompanying groups. She then cooperated with small Italian tour operators and MTJ was born.

Over the years, MTJ gained the trust of the big players in the Italian outbound tourism market, where MTJ quickly imposed itself for its competence, flexibility plus ability to interpret the needs of travelers. From 2018, MTJ offers its services to the English-speaking markets, mainly UK, Canada, USA, where it is recognized for its ability and expertise, as the craftsman who defines his products with care and skill.

MTJ consciously contains the size of the business: Mariateresa, with passion and competence, maintains the CEO role defining the company style and strategy, as well as personally guiding all operations. Mariateresa is one of only a few examples of non-Japanese entrepreneurs leading a travel company in Japan.

MTJ’s logo, the “crane” (tsuru in Japanese), elegant, trustful, a potent and popular icon of Japan, embodies the company’s philosophy. MTJ creates refined, unique, fulfilling travel experiences, deeply intersected with the Japanese culture, to be preserved among life’s most pleasant and auspicious memories.