Journey with Authors

We specialize in developing and proposing thematic routes led by our specialist guides, thanks to our collaboration with a number of tour professionals and travel writers.

One of these writers, Italian journalist Pio d’Emilia, has designed an exclusive tour with us in which you can enjoy several famous Japanese onsen, or hot springs. These hot springs have been enriching people’s lives in Japan for hundreds of years.

Italian journalist Fabiola Palmeri, who is a collaborator and writer for the Repubblica and several other major Italian magazines, has developed a course that guides you through cities and places in Japan with the theme of the literary and artistic. Referring to some of the most renowned Japanese writers such as Natsume Soseki, Mishima Yukio, Natsuo Kirino and Haruki Murakami, she leads us on a journey through which we can learn about the places described in these novels. She then continues to lead us in discovering the aesthetics of contemporary Japan by visiting some of its most interesting museums and art galleries.