In MTJ, we travel; we explore. We learn about Japan in person, something that cannot be achieved simply through reading newspapers or surfing the Internet and we want to share our know-how with our travelers. We know the language and have an in-depth understanding of the various aspects of Japanese culture and tradition, and we present this expertise directly from the heart of Japan: Tokyo.  We aim to act as a gateway to facilitate our travelers to Japan, providing truly unforgettable experiences.


As a Destination Management Company, we strive to make foreign visitors’ trips to Japan enjoyable and convenient and we seek to improve the quality and content of the services of travelers who wish to explore Japan with us. We arrange accommodation and transportation, provide assistance and specialized guides, and deliver cultural activities tailored toward the specific interests of each traveler. We work very closely with agents, guides, suppliers to assist travelers on every single step of their journey.

Our diverse team here at MTJ is proficient in several languages, including English, Japanese, Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese. This allows us to assist a wide range of clients from different backgrounds, and to effectively communicate with them.

Our multi-lingual staff members are also happy to meet clients personally and to assist them during their journey. They are of course eager to share all of their knowledge and exciting experiences in Japan.


There are 3 key differentiators for MTJ in servicing Japan-bound operators and travel advisors

Outstanding service: MTJ offers a dedicated team to support trade partners, promising 48-hour response time to all inquiries. Our services are personalized and with the utmost attention to detail. Thanks to our experience and in-depth destination knowledge, we can work with our partners to create outstanding itineraries that exceed expectations. We work with a higher degree of flexibility than other operators in Japan and are ready to respond to unforeseen circumstances.  We can create fully tailor-made bespoke programs which suit each tour’s specific requirements.

Exclusive offerings: during the decade-long presence in Japan, MTJ has established exclusive partnerships & affiliations with trusted suppliers throughout the country, thus offering unique experiences unique to our clients. We work closely with our in-destination partners to exchange ideas and to offer the best possible service to our partners around the globe and to ensure their clients receive great value for money.

 – Customer service: is a point of pride for MTJ, as we know our quick response times, the cure we use for unique itineraries, our collaborative nature, the destination knowledge and adaptability have led to our success thus far, and will propel us forward